We are a company incorporated in 2009 specialized in the use of gases generated in oil treatment and extraction plants. We take advantage of this resource that is often burned and treated as waste, affecting the environment. In PBI we take, treat and process the gas coming from oil wells.


Move the world through the energy transformation, the use of natural resources, the optimized use of new technologies and the care for the environment, generating positive impact on human beings and the environment.


Consolidate during the period 2020 - 2030 as a leading organization in the American continent in energy transformation, supported by a diversified energy matrix, oriented towards value generation and sustainability.


Humanity: Our priority is our work team and our environment, our efforts are focus on the continuous improvement, the quality of life of our collaborators and the unconditional support offered to our Stakeholders to all being day by day better human beings.

Innovation: We are aware of the need to be aligned with the changes that we must adapt to our day by day, and that is why our processes are changing in a constant way and assertive according to industrial changes, in the environment and in our planet.

Resilience: This world that changes and obliges us to adapt to different situations, let allowed us to potentiate in our committed Human Talent the capacity to take on the challenges that will allow us the continuity as a company, generating positive value in our Talent and Stakeholders values.


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